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Service is an Investment

Providing vision and leadership is foundational to promoting service in our communities. For over twenty years, I’ve honed my expertise in public administration working in corporate, non-profit and government settings. As the founder and Director of Grayum Consulting Group, I work to innovate solutions to address my clients’ operational systems and strategies. Service has always been an integral part of my personal and professional life, and I remain committed to creating collective, positive community impact throughout the state of Washington.


Leading through service

Michael Grayum has built a twenty-year career in public administration and consulting. His experiences leading government, nonprofit, and private organizations culminated in establishing his own firm, Grayum Consulting Group. Mr. Grayum advises non-profit organizations and serves on boards that oversee community-based service initiatives such as youth mentorship and supporting military service members. He believes in the transformative power of collaboration and serves as the part-time AmeriCorps Commissioner for Serve Washington.

Experienced Public Affairs Director

Michael Grayum is an expert in public administration and has served as Public Affairs Director, among other roles over his twenty-year career. He was mayor of DuPont, Washington for four years and has held senior leadership roles for 15 years.

Master's Degree in Public Administration

Michael Grayum received a Bachelor of Business Administration from Pacific Lutheran University. He continued his education at the University of Washington’s Evans School where he received a Master of Publica Administration degree.

Political Campaign Manager

Michael Grayum served as a political campaign manager for Washington State’s Snohomish County. He has successfully managed high-profile political campaigns for members of the Washington State House of Representatives.

Chief Innovation Officer

Michael Grayum established Grayum Consulting where he serves as Chief Innovation Officer &  Executive Director. He assists clients with strategic planning, budgets, operations, and successful systems implementation.

Experience in Non-profit

Michael Grayum’s prolific resume includes experience consulting with non-profits. He advises organizations on improving their environmental, social, and economic well-being. Mr. Grayum is the governor-appointed AmeriCorps Commissioner for Serve Washinton.



Improve Performance and Outcomes

Michael Grayum has worked in the greater Seattle area in specialized positions with political campaigns, nonprofits, project management teams, and public relations to improve performance & outcomes. 

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